Nickolas Nikolic

A developer for mobile and web who has milked cows and put together cars.

I'm from Milwaukee, WI, USA. Wonders never cease, do they?



In my professional life, I most recently served More Than Rewards' mission primarily as a mobile developer. In the past I've been a webmaster, support professional, photographer, multimedia journalist, automotive factory worker, even a dairy farmer. I'm oddly familiar with many things in many industries.

I was in art school when the web went prime time.

I wanted to make web things, so I treated a programmer friend of mine to dinner every Sunday and Wednesday while I picked his brain for a few hours on what the web and programming were.

Through these conversations, we were inadvertently training me into an intern position at Rockstar Design, where this friend worked. They hired me. At Rockstar I created my first media using the then Macromedia's Lingo, a VB-like media programming language for a Rich media package called Director. I learned the C programming language, Lingo, Javascript, and Actionscript while there.

To this day – 14 years later – I still thank Kevin for those conversations whenever I see him. Those hours of his time teaching me have changed my life and I pay it forward teaching others whenever I find the chance.

My biggest project I had major contributions to while at Rockstar was the programmatic elements of the Aurora Healthcare Nurse Recruitment CD-ROM. It was supremely gratifying working on my first enterprise grade media. I love the creative process when applied to coding and technology.

Open Source...

I graduated from art school with a BFA in 2004. Around the time that I graduated I tripped across PHP and the open-source paradigm.

I was hooked. I was so enamored by the social utility of the open-source process that it made my head spin.

I wanted to contribute, so I created my first icon set for KDE in 2003. I got a job in support that offered free training in virtually any technology and took over 400 credit hours of training in technology ranging from programming languages, encryption, server technologies, and applications. I took the job mostly for this training benefit, alone.

I also volunteered as English documentation and support for an open-source server package called saintWAMP. It was there that I met the lead programmer of the venerable WinAmp Media player and received mentoring from him for the next few years in C, PHP, and Apache web server.

Over the course of the last 10 years I have been involved in open-source software continually, and have been involved in more than 60 projects as of the time of this writing.

In my personal life...

I'm also an internationally published photojournalist/photographer specializing in Creative Commons media for niche publications such as,, DeliberateLife Magazine and hundreds of others. I have taken assignments through as a local photojournalist as well as through the Center for Media Change and American Public Media.


I make things out of:

  • Languages and Environments:
    • HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery/Angularjs
    • iOS Native (Objective-C/Swift iOS 7.x-8.x)
    • Android Native (Java and Android API 2.2-4.x)
    • Appcelerator Titanium 3.x/Alloy 1.x
    • PhoneGap/Cordova/Ionic projects
    • Apache Web Server
    • Nodejs
    • Cloudy development on Amazon Web Services, Appfog, Google App Engine, Heroku
  • Softer Skills:
    • Aesthetics
    • Patience
    • Ravenous Curiosity
    • Communicability


I am best reached by email. But you are free to contact me at any of the social media links presented.